Azure 70-533 Exam Experience

On Saturday I passed the 70-533 –¬†Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions.

The exam itself I found challenging but no where near as difficult as I had primed for. I have been working with Azure on and off for around 2 years now and thought it was about time I stamped my Linkedin page with the 70-533 exam. For clarification and refinement, i used Videos on udemy followed by a ton of reading on the Microsoft pages.

But my main stress came from before the exam with the At home proctored exam that Pearson Vue are now offering. It started fine with me needing to look directly at the webcam, then provide my driving license as identification. Then comes the room sweep. You have to move your webcam slowly around the room so that the agent can see what is in the room. I was using my Laptop, but was forced to unplug screens (that were not connected to anything the other end). Have my phone in the room but not in arms reach. Move Credit Cards and other paperwork that I had deliberatly stored underneeth my printer behind my screens, out of arms reach. And put that on the floor.

The doors had to be closed, and I had to keep my face in view at all times of the exam. Problem being, my Dell XPS 13 web cam sits in the bottom left of the screen. The screen has to be tilted back massively for me to fit in the screen (poor design on Dells part). In all. The experience took me about 25 minutes of constantly going over areas to prove that it was clear and that no one else was in the room. I wish I had braved the Christmas Shopper rush to my nearest Test Center which is in the heart of my nearest city right next to the shopping center.